I use my visual fantasy to work as a designer: I create logos, brand identities, print and online media;
and sometimes even costumes. 

yesBTL logo
and brand identity

I was commissioned to design a logo and a brand identity for a marketing company specialised in promotional gifts and products.

Musicators logo
and brand identity

A programmer approached me if I would work together with him on his latest webapp project.

National Library logo
and brand identity

The National Széchényi Library of Hungary announced a logo contest to redefine their brand identity. I had an idea.

Wirth Institute
Board Game

The University of Alberta commissioned me to help them designing and developing a new Central European-themed board game.

Poster design

From time to time, univeristy professors commission me posters for their courses. These are usually reading posters and there is not much time given to design them.

La Sartoria del Carnevale

I designed and sewed this composition to compete in the famous costume contest of the Venetian Carnival.